Community Partnership Protocol


For generations villages and small towns along the St Clair River enjoyed stunning natural beauty, breathtaking sunsets, and endless opportunities for recreation. In 1997, planning for the St. Clair River Trail started and construction began in 2002 with the vision to seamlessly connect waterfront communities providing a safe, scenic, and active experience for residents and visitors.

With the support of municipal council, the trail was constructed and managed primarily by the volunteer trail committee.  The popular river trail now extends 35 km, the length of St. Clair Township, and is an important link in the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail and the Lambton County Trail System.

In early 2017 St. Clair Township Council accepted the trail as a township asset and responsibility.  The Public Works Department developed a maintenance schedule and operations budget.  The St. Clair River Trail Committee continues to raise funds for ongoing programs and projects to enhance the trail and the St. Clair Parkway i.e. benches, pet waste stations, waste receptacles, trail markers. Promotion of the St. Clair River Trail is ongoing via webpage, magazine ads, Facebook presence, etc. in an effort to attract new residents and businesses to the township.

Goal of Partnerships

To offer an enhanced experience for both residents and visitors using the St. Clair River Trail.

Benefits of Building Partnerships

  • Information sharing/knowledge exchange
  • Diverse avenues to reach potential new trail users
  • Efficiency in reaching common goal
  • Attract funding opportunities (i.e. County Creative Fund)
  • Shared responsibility in completing projects
  • Improve camaraderie between communities and local organizations
  • Increase volunteer pool
  • Create efficiencies by establishing a single point of contact reporting to St. Clair Township Council
  • Increase momentum to enhance & promote the St. Clair Parkway


  • Lambton County Regional Trail Committee – maps, website support
  • Great Lakes Waterfront Trail – Promotion, Trail Development Advocacy
  • Clair River Run – Trail Promotion; encourage health and wellness
  • Heritage Committee – Enhance the Parkway with historical information
  • Canadian Mental Health – Ride Don’t Hide – National initiative – involve local schools
  • Mermaids and Mariners on the St. Clair

Creating Partnerships

  • Partner with community group(s) whose program/project is supported by St. Clair Township Council
  • Partner with organization(s) who can establish common expectations and agree on shared goals with the St. Clair River Trail Committee

Potential Partners will be required to deliver a verbal presentation and/or provide a written report to the St. Clair River Trail Committee.

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