Shoreline Conservation

The traditional method to provide erosion protection along the St. Clair River has been sheet steel retaining walls. St. Clair Township, in partnership with the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, have constructed shoreline revetments at Guthrie and Cathcart Parks. These sloping structures consist of layers of stone or concrete placed along a shoreline. Rip rap is used to prevent erosion in the same way as a wall, but has the advantage of dissipating the wave energy.

Environmentally, rip rap is favoured over walls because it creates habitat for aquatic organisms. It also has a long life span that prevents the shoreline habitat from being disrupted from ongoing repairs and reconstruction. It is the goal of these projects to promote this type of soft-shore protection and increase aquatic habitat along the St. Clair River Area of Concern.

Guthrie Park: The site is located in St. Clair Township along the east shore of the St. Clair River near Corunna. In addition to the armour stone protection, two aquatic habitat beds were created.

Cathcart Park: The project site is located just north of the community of Sombra along the east shore of the St. Clair River. Two habitat beds were constructed along the St. Clair River shoreline.

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